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We are the only genuine manufacturer of All Types of Machine Knives and Industrial Blades in Southern England. Our 7000 sq ft facilities include CNC precision Grinding, Milling, Turning and we also offer vacuum heat treatment processes.

Established for over 25 years
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Welcome to Precision Edge, specialist manufacturers of machine blades and industrial knives since 1987.

Machine Knives are vital to a vast range of manufacturing processes, from food processing to printing to packaging and recycling. Thirty years ago, we identified a need in the manufacturing sector for superior quality precision blades backed up by conscientious, efficient service from a skilled and knowledgeable workforce. Since then, we have made it our goal to offer businesses a wide range of options when it comes to having industrial blades sharpened, accessing the highest quality standard model machine knives, and the design and manufacture of bespoke precision knives when necessary.

Machine blades come in an infinite array of shapes, designs, sizes, and materials. New manufacturing processes are constantly evolving, and all knives need to be manufactured to the highest specifications in order to optimize performance. Staying up to date with manufacturing developments, heat treatment processes and metallurgy advances ensures companies partnered with Precision Edge have access to cutting-edge technology, along with the latest ideas and designs.

At our Horsham based factory, we have the capability to develop and manufacture industrial blades to any specification, all manufactured to the finest tolerances from materials, the majority of which were specifically developed for this application. Advanced Heat treatment processes and a large variety of high-performance coatings are also available. We specialise in troubleshooting difficult and problematic production setups and specialise in manufacturing bespoke and custom machine knives along with all associated tooling and wear parts as required. All of our machine knives are covered by a lifetime guarantee.

To find out more, and to discuss your specific requirements for precision blades, get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team today.


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