Packaging Knives

Precision Edge has nearly 30 years of industry experience. We have gained an enviable reputation of creating lasting solutions for challenging cutting applications and we always have a positive and proactive approach to solving problems.

Packaging Knife Manufacturing

Our range of packaging knives include blades suitable for bagging, thermo-forming, vacuum packaging, flow wrapping, over wrapping, tape and carton sealing and food packaging knives. We stock a wide range of standardized blades for various types of machine, and can custom-grind replacements when necessary.

Packaging is seen as a peripheral process in almost any manufacturing operation, and can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to investment in equipment. Nonetheless, this is an essential part of your business, and the same constraints apply when it comes to efficiency and maintenance as to your main production lines.

Trying to save money by running equipment beyond its service intervals is false economy – this is a well attested fact of industrial manufacturing, yet some companies still do it. The same is true of packing equipment – if the packaging blades which work the materials used to pack the products are dull or damaged, the resultant wastage and breakdowns quickly negate any money you hoped to have saved.

Packaging knife manufacturing is a specialized industry, so coming to the experts for your replacement packaging blades is the smart thing to do. Some machine blades are suitable for sharpening, which is a service we can perform for many models. When a new packaging knife is required, be sure to consult with us and check out your options. Manufacturing technology is constantly developing, and by the use of new materials and coatings we may be able to offer you a replacement packaging knife which performs better and lasts longer than the original.

We realise that the world of packaging blades and the machines which use them can be a confusing place for many, especially if you don’t have a particularly technical background. Besides packaging knife manufacturing, we like to work together with our customers to find the best solutions for all your needs in terms of performance, component longevity and maintenance. To this end, we are always more than happy to talk about your requirements, the current solutions you have in place, and how things could be done better. Please use the contact form on our website.

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