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We have a dedicated manufacturing facility totally geared to producing the very best quality machine knives available. Our aim is to improve the quality of the knives you buy, giving significantly reduced downtime, and helping to maximise production and profitability.


With over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of high quality machine knives, it’s little wonder that we’re renowned as one of the most reputable industrial blades and machine knives manufacturers in the UKs. Precision Edge have been at the forefront of the industry for decades, making us your natural first choice when it comes to machine blades.

Whether it’s zig zag machine knives or tooth-form machine blades, we have all the products to assist you with your machine cutting requirements – whatever industry you work within.

Examples of industries – that benefit from the implementation of quality machine knives – come into any category that requires secure and hygienic packaging of its produce.

Given our extensive experience in the area, we are also experts at troubleshooting problems with blades and knives, which gives us the ability to advise you on the perfect set-up for your company’s requirements. Using the wrong machine blades or knives can result in impeded production levels and, in worse cases, even damage the machinery in use – resulting in stunted production and replacement costs.

As a long-standing knife manufacturer, we have advanced our techniques and machinery with our product range – using the correct heat treatment and precision grinding – which presents our customers with the most reliable, robust equipment for their cutting needs.

We have the capacity in-house to create Precision Flat and Rotary Moulder Scraper Blades in sizes of up to 1500mm, and Circular blades of up to 350mm diameter. By having our own means of manufacturing machine knives, we can create bespoke orders for specific industries.

Not sure where to begin with your purchase of machine knives and blades from Precision Edge? Contact us today, where one of our professional advisors will be on hand to provide you with the guidance and product recommendations that will align most successfully with your machinery.

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