Rotary Scraper Blades


With over 20 years experience, Rotary Scraper Blades from Precision Edge are manufactured to stringent specifications. We’ll manufacture to your exact requirements.

Rotary Moulding Machine Scraper Blades

The advantages of operating a rotary moulding machine rather than an embossing type of cutter include the elimination of cutter scrap.  All the waste removed by a rotary scraper blade is removed from the process and will not end up fouling up the machinery further down the line.  Rotary scraper blades from Precision Edge are manufactured to stringent specifications, as we realise maintaining the dimensions of the product and keeping a clean edge is important to keep the process working reliably.

If your rotary moulding machine is used to manufacture a single product in repeated runs, fixed scraper knives can be installed to trim material as required, and this may seem like a sensible and cost-effective option.  However, the use of an adjustable rotary scraper tool opens up the possibility of reconfiguring the machinery to turn out products of various alternative sizes and specifications.  Adjustable blades are also preferable in that they allow fine-tuning of tolerances, which improves the quality of each individual product and reduces wastage.

For products with more complex shapes, rotary moulder scraper blades must be able to trim excess material without damaging the product itself.  A moulding scraper separates the excess material which inevitably overflows the moulds.  When you are working with rotary moulding machines which turn out thousands of products per hour, high-performance scraper blades are required to separate each item without damaging them and remove any waste from the production process.  The thickness of such blades is critical: blade sharpness must be maintained for the edge to cut through the material effectively, but a blade tip which is too thin may deflect under the pressure of the ingredients.  Machines for other applications may require a range of blades and knives which can be applied and detached as needed, all of which are available from Precision Edge.

Eventually, scraper blades wear out and must be replaced.  Dealing directly with a scraper blades manufacturer has many advantages: here at Precision Edge, we can get replacement blades to you in double-quick time to reduce production line downtime.  If your equipment has special requirements when it comes to machine knives, we can manufacture blades to your specifications.  And we actively work with all our customers to constantly improve the quality and efficiency of your manufacturing systems.  Please get in touch with our team to find out more.


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