Circular Knives


Precision Edge specialise in producing blades where the Parts are required to be machined to fine tolerances and production demands require tool performance to be maximised.

Circular Machine Knives

Precision Edge specialises in producing industrial blades which can withstand the most demanding applications. We can produce bespoke parts that are designed to sustain maximum performance for their application, whatever production demands you require.

Circular knives are just one of our manufacturing specialties here at Precision Edge. With our precision cutting and quality materials, we can guarantee that any circular knives we provide will be more durable and efficient for longer.

Bespoke circular knives

We can offer circular knives in a wide variety of material specifications depending on the application for which they will be used.

For new applications or research or development projects, we use pre-hardened and tempered materials such as carbon grades CS75, CS80, CS95, and stainless steel grade 420. These can be used to prove the application prior to final production designs using superior quality materials.

Using our pre-hardened materials is a cost-effective solution when design proposals are still being developed. We will always advise you of the most suitable specifications for any given requirement.

Here are some examples of applications for which we can manufacture circular knives:

  • Tissue and paper slitting knives
  • News and magazine printing knives
  • Film and foil slitting knives
  • Tea bag production perforators and slitting knives
  • Rubber and plastic production circular knives
  • Document processing trimmer knives

If you are considering purchasing a circular knife Precision Edge will be able to produce it for you, no matter your specification. Please visit our contact page to inform us of your requirements.

The repetitious nature of mechanised production requires bespoke tooling if equipment is to run at optimum efficiency.  Making continuous or repeated incisions during a high speed manufacturing process quickly dulls traditional blades, and a repetitive linear rather than cyclic motion increases wear and tear on the mechanisms which drive them.  The answer is to use circular knives wherever possible.

Circular machine knives are ideally suited to making continuous incisions, to high speed cutting, and for applications where consistency of results is a prime consideration.  Precision Edge produce hardened spring steel and stainless steel circular knives of the highest quality for a wide range of industries, including printing, packaging, recycling, and various branches of the food preparation industry.  These high pressure, highly mechanised industries demand tooling which can yield the highest performance hour after hour, day after day without failure.  After 25 years at the top of our trade, we know what it takes to produce machine knives which will stay sharp and true, and produce first class results across the board.

We manufacture and refurbish machine knives for all applications.  We keep a stock of popular items, including circular slitting knives, rotary moulder scraper blades, circular dished top knives, IMA Tea Bag Knives and Packaging Knives.

If you have a cutting problem on your production line, contact our team of specialists for a solution.  We have built a reputation for troubleshooting such problems by manufacturing bespoke machine knives which can be specified with any required dimensions, profile or coatings.

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