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We provide EXP500 PowerEdge Steel Technology Knives to companies all over the world. The blades manufactured from this material ensure that blade performance is maximised, thus ensuring machine downtime due to blade changes is at an absolute minimum.

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Here at Precision Edge we are expert machine knife manufacturers always looking to improve the performance of our customers. For this reason, we provide PowerEdge EXP500 steel technology knives, a leading brand in the performance machine knife range, to companies all over the world.

Why choose PowerEdge EXP500 technology?

Blades manufactured from PowerEdge EXP500 material have a remarkable ability to retain their edge even in the face of intense and prolonged use. On average a PowerEdge EXP5000 blade will outperform a conventional steel blade between 10 to 20 times. Thanks to the wear resistance of the PowerEdge EXP500 material, the regrind life of the blade is also greatly extended.

The remarkable sturdiness of the PowerEdge EXP500 material helps ensure that blade performance is maximised, reducing the downtime of machines to a minimum and allowing your production equipment to be at its most productive. If you are considering enhancing your industrial blades, the long life of a PowerEdge EXP500 blade makes it an excellent investment.

PowerEdge EXP500 technology is a way of making your industrial machine knife even stronger and better. So why not contact us today using our quick contact form? We can provide you with more information about this cutting-edge technology and offer you advice on the best solution. Just leave us a message and we will aim to get back to you within 24 hours. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you get the very best out of PowerEdge EXP500 material.


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