Tea Bag Knives

We have been manufacturing machine knives for the Tea Packaging Industry for over 20 years and gained a  reputation for producing superior quality aftermarket alternatives for many different tea packaging machines including IMA & Constanta.


Tea Bag Knives

IMA C24 Knives

Reasons to choose our Tea Bag Knives

We pride ourselves in offering improved quality Perforators, Slitters, Splicing Knives, Scraping Blades, Rotary Cutters, Tag Punches and many other blades used in the tea packaging processes at very competitive prices.

Most of these blades are now manufactured in PowerEdge EXP500 HPS Steel which will improve the blades life by at least 10-15 times.

We also offer a fast and effective regrinding service for all parts, refurbishing knives toe exact original machine manufacturer specifications – ensuring that the blades you replace and fit will work.

If you are unhappy with the New Knives you are receiving, or indeed the quality of the refurbishment service – please contact Precision Edge for a quotation.

We keep many knives in stock and are able to offer a next day delivery service throughout Europe via DHL or UPS.

IMA C50 Machine Knives

Peforators and Slitters


Next day delivery service available throughout Europe, call 01403 892 510