Straight Blades


Precision Edge specialise in high quality performance focused machine knives when accuracy is critical and parts are required to be machined to fine tolerances for the most demanding high production environments.

At Precision Edge, we know our clients rely on us for producing blades that can be machined to very fine tolerances, and that the Flatness, parallelism and accuracy are vital to the components operating effectively and efficiently in any given application. Our services are part of a chain, and with over thirty years of industry experience, we remain not only consistent in our products and services, but continually strive to improve and invest.

We use the latest technology to manufacture machine knives for environments that are highly demanding in terms of production requirements. We constantly seek ways where we can be innovative in our approach and techniques, ensuring our customers always have premium quality products.

Our range of straight blades are manufactured to have superior performance through a combination of high-quality steel, correct heat treatment processes and CNC Machining. Straight and flat knives can be produced in thousands of styles and formats, measuring up to 1500mm long. This is in addition to the other High-Performance wrapping and packaging knives, many of which are kept in stock.

Whether you’re looking for straight blades as packaging machine knives, biscuit and bakery scrapers, food processing machines, or cropping and shearing knives, we are sure to have the perfect set of machine knives for you. Additionally, our straight knives could be used in other sectors. For example, if you need to use them for plastic and recycling machines in the waste sector, or for news print folder jaws and paper processing machines in the print publishing sector.

Here at Precision Edge, we appreciate our customers may have very specific needs, which is why we are pleased to also create bespoke machine blades to suit your requirements. Even those straight blades that are manufactured in this way are offered with a competitive turnaround time.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with us, please get in touch through our simple web contact form. All quotes are free of charge, and we aim to get back to you within 24 hours of receiving your message.

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