Premium Knife Resharpening and Refurbishment Service

We provide a Premium regrinding and refurbishment service of Machine Knives for industries in the UK and Europe.

At Precision Edge Limited we take our regrinding services as seriously as the manufacture of New Blades.

knife regrindingKnife Regrinding

If you have machine knives or blades in your production line that are in need of some much needed TLC, Precision Edge have been providing knife regrinding services for over 30 years across the UK. We strive to take your used machinery blades and knives and work our magic on them with industrial blade sharpening, returning them to as close to their original state as possible.

Wondering how we go about the process of blade regrinding here at Precision Edge? The process begins upon receipt of the blades in question, where we clean the blades using methods we have advanced over the years. Once any debris has been pared back from the blades, we then search for any cracks or superficial damage to the surface.

Following this, we scan to check the size of all relative dimensions of the blade, then regrinding it to fit the latest specifications, rendering them ‘as new’. After de-burring and honing, we pass a fresh pair of eyes over the blade and package it up once it’s back to its optimum state.

We guarantee that we will significantly reduce the real time costs of these tools as one of the most comprehensive machine knife and blade regrinding services in the UK.

Just some of the types of machine knives that we regrind include tooth-form knives, circular knives, flat knives and scissor wrapping knives, meaning that you can repair all of your various blades at our one stop shop of Precision Edge.

Need some guidance regarding the industrial knife sharpening services you require from our company? Contact us today and one of our specialists will be on hand to offer you guidance and quotes for the industrial blades that you need regrinding. We aim to get you back up and running as soon as possible, as we understand that downtime equates to wasted money!

We regrind a range of knives including:


If you would like quotation to regrind an existing knife call 01403 892 510