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Precision Edge Specialise in manufacturing exceptionally high quality performance focused Machine Knives using the most techologically advanced steels, the latest CNC Machining and Grinding equipment and accurate and stable Vacuum Heat Treatment Processing.

Machine Knives

We manufacture Machine Knives for many industries including Food Packaging and Wrapping, including moulder Scraper Blades, Printing, Tissue, Textile, Tea Packaging, Plastic and Recycling, Wood Processing, Metal Processing, Paper Film and Foil Processing, Extrusion and many more.

Though we are not based in Sheffield, we have
been manufacturing Machine Knives for almost 30 years in Sussex, and have gained a reputation for creating long term solutions for difficult cutting applications with our proactive approach to problem solving.

We continually invest in our plant production machinery to ensure we have the most accurate and reliable equipment to manufacture our machine knives and cutting tools to the highest of standards.

When blade changes are causing production issues due to downtime and we work closely with all new customers to ensure that the most appropriate materials are being used and we are constantly looking at ways to maximise the tool life through advances in steel production.

We manufacture ALL Styles and formats of Machine Knives Straight, Circular and serrated, some examples include Bag and Film Knives, Flow Wrapping Knives, Over Wrapping Knives, Horizontal Form, Fill, Seal Knives, Confectionary Knives, Bakery Processing Knives, Cereal Processing Knives, Perforating Knives, Folding Jaws, Ice Cream Blades, Window Knives and Fruit Processing Blades.

We have a particular expertise in producing Machine Knives for Food Packaging Machinery, where fine tolerances and tool longevity are critical. We hold many items in stock for immediate delivery.

For items not in stock, we can offer short lead times on emergency components as we operate 7 day working week.

We are always keen to come to your site and discuss such matters face to face, suggest positive solutions and provide good value quotations for performance enhancing machine knives.

As the leading machine knives manufacturer in the South of England, we make it our priority to stay abreast of the latest developments when it comes to machine knife manufacturing procedures, materials and designs and manufacturing techniques. And our extensive experience in designing cutting applications for a vast range of production processes mean we can make bespoke machine blades suitable for cutting any material under various conditions no matter how depending the application. Common types of machine knives include:

  • Serrated machine knives, which are available with various tooth profiles. With rake toothed profiles like a wood saw, others have crenulated or bevelled teeth. The type of serration required depends on the consistency and density of the material which is to be cut.
  • Perforated machine knives used for piercing, rather than slicing, the product. Common uses of this type of blade include creating perforations between individual sheets of paper or film products.

If you are at all unsure of what kind of machine knives you need, get in touch with our team of experts. We can offer whatever help is required, from a little advice to a brand new custom designed cutting system. Please contact us at or by phone on 01403 892510 to discuss any issues you may be experiencing with your current supplier.

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